Project Description

Truck boss was developed in conjunction with our partners to help truck operators practice reversing techniques at the mine site in a safe training environment. The idea developed from a linear, paper-based training path for operators and trainers. Using a system which involves very limited interactivity can often lead to reduced information retention for a trainee. This is where Truck Boss comes in to play!

The serious game allows a trainee to effectively sit next to the ‘Boss’ in the truck, while being led through the steps involved in pre-start inspections, safety hazard identification, and utilising unique operating techniques to reverse in and around the electric shovel in a double side loading dig situation. There are opportunities to stop and listen as well as self-driven practice drills.

Sound and visual cues help to establish realism in a virtual environment. Currently being developed are options for headset operation, enabling full immersive virtual reality. The system can be easily transported from one site to another and runs smoothly on a laptop computer. For more information on the development of this product, please contact us.