Taco Friends Kids Character Series


This is a full scale production of a fun, animated kids cartoon series with mobile games. We are currently working on this project and releasing new animated video episodes on Youtube to our Taco Friends Network. Each […]

eLearning Mining Training

Development of new interactive learning material for the mining industry. Taking linear learning to the next level, this interactive system combines paper based content with 3d animations and allows the learner to be immersed […]

Truck Boss Training

Truck boss was developed in conjunction with our partners to help truck operators practice reversing techniques at the mine site in a safe training environment. The idea developed from a linear, paper-based training path […]

Taco Friends App

Download the Taco Friends game app today! Available on the Google Play store, this is a fun kids app with three games designed to entertain and teach techniques such as vocabulary, identifying different objects […]